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On the Road to St. Joe

We woke to the sound of occasional rain drops on the roof of our camper. After checking a weather app and seeing a big blob of green and yellow, we scurried around and managed to pack everything before it rained hard. This was the first measurable rainfall we have seen in six weeks on the road. Though it never rained very hard, the roads remained wet most all day. That meant every time a truck passed us, our windshield was assaulted with dirty water. But we managed to survive.

We stopped at a Best Western in a small town off the center line and the front desk person had not heard about the eclipse. I remedied that. As we neared Beatrice, Nebraska (near the center line) we stopped at Homestead National Monument. The ranger at the front desk was excited to hear that we were interested in the eclipse. They have teamed up with the city of Beatrice to promote the eclipse and provide viewing places and activities. It was clear that they were taking preparation for the eclipse very seriously. They would only say they are expecting thousands of people on eclipse day.

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Front and back of the card being distributed by Homestead National Monument.

We then headed for St. Joseph, Missouri. We had heard that St. Joe was big into the eclipse and we were anxious to find out what was going on. After navigating the torturous Interstate exit ramps, I went into the visitor center. The people were knowledgeable and helpful about the area’s preparations for the eclipse. The situation with using the Rosecrans Airport is complicated. It is a functional general aviation airfield and houses the 139th Airlift Wing of the Missouri Air National Guard. There is an air show every year at the airport and they close it for that event. However, they will not close it for the eclipse. There will be a meeting in the next month to see what portion of the field can be used. As a reference, for the air show, typical attendance is 200,000. Also, St. Joe has 13 museums, 9 or so of which are planning eclipse viewing activities. Schools will be in session eclipse day and an education effort to give the kids proper and safe viewing of the eclipse. Their web site is order accutane online australia

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Poster that St. Joseph, MO is using in eclipse promotion.

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Grand Island, Nebraska

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Today we stayed in the Grand Island and Hastings, Nebraska area. On these non-travel days I will typically look for a variety of motels, go in and talk to the front desk person or manager. I start by asking them if they have heard about the solar eclipse coming to their area next year (2017). If they say no, I talk about the eclipse, why it is so amazing and worth seeing, and give them some pertinent information about the eclipse that they can use to prepare for it. If they say yes, they have heard about it, I ask what they have heard and if they have gotten any calls about it and if they have taken any reservations for it.

Today we spent most of the day in Grand Island, Nebraska, a city which is virtually on the center line of the eclipse path – a highly desirable location. (They will have 2 minutes and 35 seconds of totality.) Most of the motels have indeed heard about the eclipse and some are fully or nearly fully booked. We heard about groups from Australia and Norway at one hotel. Another one said that groups from Nebraska were making the reservations. Yet another said that a large group from NASA had booked half the rooms. An online search of tour companies revealed that Ring of Fire Tours is planning an eclipse tour in Grand Island. A visit to the Visitor’s Bureau revealed that plans are under way for a large event to be held at a local museum with a large field and restrooms available during the eclipse. One person there said that they had heard that the number 30,000 extra people were expected for the eclipse. Another person pointed out that that was a guess. I get that. You don’t have to buy a ticket to see the eclipse, so no one knows how many will show up.

With all these reservations being made the truth is when I went to a store and asked the employees had heard about the eclipse, they had not. The average person has not been informed about the eclipse because it is not deemed newsworthy, I’m guessing. The lesson I learned from this is that prime location accommodations for eclipse day are disappearing quickly. Americans who live further than a day trip distance from the path will have great difficulty finding a room for the night. Please help spread the word. It is not too early to plan for this once in a life time event. If I sound like a broken record (you all know what that is, right?) it’s because it is a true statement.

You do not want to miss this!

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Drawing of an 1858 total solar eclipse by Emmanuel Liais in Brazil.

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Coming Un-Henged

The morning after going to the top of Scottsbluff, we scheduled a rendezvous with one of my former students.  We agreed to meet in Alliance, NE for brunch, because it is in the eclipse path, and then check out an area attraction.

We ventured to a site that is one of the more interesting, quirky, appropriate and in the path of the eclipse — Carhenge.

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About 5 miles north of Alliance is a field containing art with cars and car parts. It was created in the 1980s and is a replica of Stonehenge made with whole automobiles. What a hoot! (Stonehenge has many stones with celestial alignments, particularly the rising sun on the summer solstice.)

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On eclipse day this site will have 2 minutes, 28 seconds of totality. The city of Alliance is planning a big eclipse observation event at Carhenge and a couple other sites in town.

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Alliance is on the eclipse path center line. It has 2 minutes and 30 seconds of totality. where can i buy accutane online uk

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We enjoyed walking around (for a brief period, given the 102o temperature.)

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We then drove north through Hemingford and on route 71. Again we marveled at just how vacant the land was of dwellings and communities.

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The 15 inches of annual rainfall just cannot support much life. So while there were many good sites beside the road for eclipse viewing, there was not much in the way of shelter or resources.

Our story now takes a turn for the worse. We headed back to our camper and bedded down for the night, at about 10:00 PM. Around 1:45 AM we were awakened to high winds shaking our camper. We huddled together for a while hoping the winds would die down, but when it became apparent they would not, we decided to pack it in (waiting until there was a lull), close the camper and hook it to the car. We left the campground about 3:30 AM headed east toward calmer weather. Nothing bad happened to the camper or us, except a little inconvenience. The bright spot to this was that we got to see the morning stars (think Pegasus, Andromeda, and the Summer Triangle), first light, and a glorious dawn and sunrise. Our natural Circadian rhythms preclude this from normally happening.

We drove 300+ miles, changing time zones in the process (from Mountain to Central), arriving at one o’clock. We drove in to the campground (Mormon Island SRA), set our trailer up and napped for a couple hours. The campground is virtually on the center line of the eclipse path and has 2 minutes 35 seconds of totality. That is within 5 seconds of the point of greatest eclipse 500 miles to the east!

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The campground host knew about the eclipse and had already received several phone calls from people wanting to reserve campsites for the eclipse.

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We then drove to Hastings, a city 16 miles south of the center line and inquired at 3 motels. (16 miles puts it half way between the center line and the edge of the path. Not a bad place to be, actually.) None of the people, front desk or managers, knew about the eclipse. At the town Visitor Center, the 2 workers had heard of the eclipse but knew no details. I gave them the circumstances of the eclipse and described the experience of being at one. They were very glad for the information. Our last stop was at a motel near our campground. Yes, they had heard of the eclipse and were pretty sure they were fully booked. It looks like being near the center line is considered prime territory for eclipse watchers. Make your plans soon.


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Calling My Bluff

We left Casper and headed east along Interstate 25 toward Douglas, where we stopped for our typical breakfast on the road – a McDonald’s sausage biscuit. There was a Sleep Inn next to us so I went in and spoke to the person  at the front desk. She smiled when I asked her about the eclipse and said they were fully booked for the eclipse. They learned about it August 2015 when they got a call from a man in Switzerland about reserving rooms.

We stopped at a rest area at exit 126, Orin Junction, which is in the path of totality and has totality lasting 2 minutes 26 seconds. It is a very nice rest area with clean rest rooms, picnic shelters and a fair amount of parking. To my mind, highway rest areas make a great place from which to view the eclipse. They are on major roads and have parking and, usually, rest rooms.

We found another rest area near Lusk, Wyoming. This was the first rest area in Wyoming and is named Lady Bird, after the wife of President Lyndon Johnson. She did much to encourage beautifying America. This rest area also has children’s play equipment. It has 1 minute 58 seconds of totality.

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In Lusk, we stopped at the Best Western motel. They are fully booked for the eclipse and have ordered eclipse shades.

We entered Nebraska in the most sparsely populated part of the state. There are literally miles of wide open prairie. We stopped at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument. They know about the eclipse and are planning some viewing activities, working together with Scottsbluff National Monument. There is 2 minutes 20 seconds of totality at Agate Fossil Beds NM.

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We pulled into our campsite at Lake Minatare State Recreational Area, dropped our trailer and headed to Scottsbluff and Gering. Scott’s Bluff is a natural formation near the town that is visible for many miles and is along the Oregon Trail. Between 1840 and 1869 over 250,000 people passed here on their way to the west coast. The visitor center at Scott’s Bluff NM has 1 minute 24 seconds of totality. We drove to the top of the bluff and enjoyed the view of the town and the landscape.

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As a side note, the high temperature for the day was 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C).

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The Eclipse Bullseye

We left Victor, Idaho the morning of July 7, crossed the pass back into Wyoming, retraced our steps through Jackson, and got to see the Tetons in morning light (nice!). When we turned onto US 26, we where driving “new road” for us. This is something I like to keep mental track of. Whenever we take a road trip, we like to go to new (to us) places and take roads we have not traveled. This is often not possible, but when it is, we do it. For the rest of today, we drove new road. Now I know that Wyoming is sparsely populated and we got to see that first hand. For 250 miles the population of all the towns we drove through may have added up to 25,000. It was a wonderful landscape. It gradually shifted from the greener Teton area to the browner central Wyoming area, which reminded us of canyon country in southern Utah.

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Wherever we stopped, the same three groups of people seemed to know about the eclipse: astronomers and astronomy enthusiasts, governmental agencies and the hospitality industry,  in particular those who schedule reservations in motels. In Riverton, for example, there had been a meeting of interested agencies in anticipation of the eclipse. They felt prepared until I informed them that they may have more people on eclipse day than they expect. I spoke with a front desk person at the Holiday Inn there and she knew about the eclipse but could not check reservations for eclipse day, since the system only goes out one year before a given date. She did tell me that they have no rooms available for eclipse weekend. I asked how could that be and she said that the sales department can create ‘events,’ in which large blocks of rooms can be reserved years in advance. This I was not aware of or if I had been at one time, had forgotten. So an individual who wants to reserve a room way in advance, can’t do it, but a tour company can reserve the entire motel years in advance. Good to know.

We arrived in Casper and found our site at the Fort Caspar RV Park after 5 PM. We scouted the area, found the Chamber of Commerce and discovered a planetarium, both closed for the day. We found an open book store, Wind City Books, and they decided to buy several copies of my book to sell. I also learned from the RV park manager that Casper has been told that it and its environs is the best location in the country for viewing the eclipse, meaning it has the highest likelihood of clear skies at the time of the eclipse. The reason for this label is that the umbrella organization for most all the astronomy clubs in the USA , the Astronomical League, has scheduled its annual meeting, known as AstroCon, for 2017, during eclipse week and has booked 2 of the major hotels and many venues for events that week. Casper was chosen because of its high probability of clear skies. Now this may be true, but on eclipse day, you don’t get climate; you get weather.

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FYI, one of the considerations when choosing a viewing site, is having a clear view of the horizon. Around Casper there are many accessible mountains that are a thousand feet or more higher than the surrounding plains. These would make great locations for viewing the oncoming shadow of the moon as totality begins.


On Friday morning, July 8, we headed into town to visit the planetarium. It is owned by the school district and is open year round, giving shows and camps in the summertime. We met the director, Michele Wistisen. We had a great time commiserating about the eclipse. She told me that her job for the next year is to educate the local people about the eclipse, get them excited about it, and make sure they know how to view it safely and with understanding. On that we agree. She feels she has a supporting role with the Astronomical League and will work with them in the days prior to eclipse day. However, the planetarium will be closed ON eclipse day, so that the employees can go view the eclipse wherever they wish. The duration of totality in Casper is 2 minutes and 26 seconds. She also mentioned that motel rooms are fully booked. In fact, she has heard of rooms already being scalped for $750 per night!

The Visitor Center/Chamber of Commerce directed me to the Casper Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. There we met Anna Wilcox, recently hired as the Executive Director of Eclipse Casper or the Wyoming Eclipse Festival. This is the first person I have met hired to deal with eclipse matters exclusively. We had a great talk and I came away with the sense that the Casper community, if not now, will be well versed in solar eclipse matters in due time. I wish them well in their efforts.

The population of Casper area is about 80,000. They are anticipating that to double for the eclipse to about 150,000 to 160,000. Since you can’t sell tickets to the eclipse, nobody knows the exact number and maybe never will, but it is the best guess they currently have.

And if you ever decide to visit Casper, you should visit Taubert’s for the finest in western wear, including boots. Here is just a sample of their offerings. They also carry used lassos for $9.50!

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Jackson Hole and The Tetons

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In yesterday’s entry I failed to mention the situation at the campground where we are staying, regarding the eclipse. Teton Valley RV Park is closed 6 months of the year. They typically open in May. The owner begins taking reservations for sites and cabins for that year’s season sometime in March. He has gotten tons of calls wanting to make reservations for the eclipse, but he is sticking with his timetable and will not take reservations for 2017 until March. FYI.

This morning we headed to Wyoming. We had to cross a pass between Victor and Jackson that has a few miles of 10% grade. Also, no trucks over 60,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are allowed on that stretch of road. Period.

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The Tetons and Jackson Hole is a tourist area. They have a lot of skiing,  snowboarding and other winter sports and thousands of people in the summer. I spoke with the Chamber of Commerce and they were in the process of updating their ‘pillow count’ of how many people the area can have stay overnight, but it wasn’t ready. They did say that the area has 5500 to 6000 motel rooms. For more information they directed me to Samuel Singer, an astronomer in the area who does a lot of outreach activities. I called and talked to him for several minutes. He is the founder of Wyoming Stargazing, an organization whose mission is “to educate and inspire our community through Wyoming’s extraordinary skies.” They do this through public observing session (sidewalk astronomy) and using a portable planetarium to bring the night sky to the public. I would call him a kindred spirit.

Regarding the eclipse, there was a recent development. Last week there was a two day workshop where 37 representatives from stakeholder agencies and organizations met to discuss how to deal with the eclipse. The leader of the meeting was the Teton County Emergency Management Coordinator. Participants discussed preparing for a wide-range of potential impacts from an influx of umbraphiles on the valley, including: traffic jams; during-event emergencies, such as fires and accidents; lodging shortages; infrastructure requirements; public information needs and additional public safety staffing. They had put out a Media Release just the day before. So my feeling is that the area is at least aware of the problems and is attempting to address some of the issues surrounding the eclipse.

Grand Teton National Park is not going to great lengths for the eclipse. According to a ranger at the visitor center, they are used to dealing with large crowds seasonally and will bring on some extra staff but not much beyond that. I hope that is enough.

I have to include a picture of the Tetons.

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Teton Valley

After packing, and hitching up the camper this morning, we headed into Rexburg and the area Chamber of Commerce. I try to stop at these places and ask about local awareness of the eclipse and plans being made. Rexburg is blessed to have a major university in town, Brigham Young University – Idaho. The town is looking to the University to provide information and activities. There is talk of making the football stadium available for people to set up and view the eclipse. Other venues are possible as well. The majority of motels in town are fully booked for the eclipse.

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We then left Rexburg and headed east toward the Teton Valley. Along the way we made a few stops. We almost passed a historical marker for the Teton Dam. I remember a dam collapsing many years ago and wanted to check it out. I was in for a sobering experience. The dam site was 1.5 miles off the main road and we almost turned around when we saw a sign that said “Dead End.” But I got out and walked to a fence and saw the remnant of the dam. As I looked at it, another car came up and 4 people got out. It turned out to be two older people and two younger. The older ones said they lived through the collapse of the dam in 1976. It destroyed their home fifteen miles down river. They rebuilt and have lived in it since.

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At the overlook of the Teton Dam collapse with the couple who lived through it.

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This hill is all that is left of a great dam that was oriented left to right. The left half gave way and failed spectacularly. The resulting flood covered land 20 miles away up to 9 feet. The nice slice on the right side of the hill pictured was made by the engineers to try to figure out why the dam failed.

Meeting living survivors of this tragedy was sobering, indeed. They were sweet people and spoke freely of the event. I think they said only 2  or 3 people died in this collapse. If it had happened at night, that would likely have been much higher.

While on the road, I received a phone call from a ranger at Craters of the Moon National Monument. I had called and left a message asking about their plans for the eclipse. Now only a tiny part of that park is inside the path and it does not reach the center line, but I thought there might still be some interest in having an eclipse event there. He said that they are working with the Idaho Falls Astronomy Club on setting up an eclipse viewing station at the visitor’s center. There are no other concrete plans at this time.

Teton Valley

We headed east again and made it to Tetonia, where we stopped and talked to the owner of Teton Peaks Lodge & RV. He said that he had been fully booked for eclipse weekend until a group with 7 rooms recently cancelled. He is not concerned about filling those rooms, since he has been getting calls regularly. He has a pavilion for day use that has been reserved by a group of Dutchmen. He was happy to have the information I gave him about the circumstances of the eclipse at his location.

Next stop was Driggs and the Super 8 Motel. Again, all booked for the eclipse, this one by a group from Japan. The Best Western is also booked and both have waiting lists. The Driggs Chamber of Commerce was very interested in my book since they are putting an action team together and want education to play a big role. They bought a copy of my book and said they would stay in touch. Across the street was the Pines Hotel with just nine rooms. Again, already booked but this time by a local family renting it for a family reunion. What a clever idea: share this once in a lifetime event with your loved ones.

Our last stop for the day was the Teton Valley Motel in Victor, ID. The front desk person had not heard about the eclipse, but when I asked if she could check reservations for August 21, 2017, she found the motel mostly booked, to a wedding party! How cool is that: to be married under the totally eclipsed sun with 2 diamond rings bracketing totality.

Everyone I talk to gets excited about the eclipse. I am loving this.

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Arco – A Little Bit of History

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Now that I have your attention:

Have you ever heard of Arco or the Idaho National Laboratory or EBR 1? Before this trip, neither had I. In this part of the country, a town of 1,000 is a sizable place. Arco is in that neighborhood and is an active place. The RV Park where we stayed has already taken some reservations for next year’s solar eclipse.

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It also hosted a contingent of NASA scientists for most of the month of June. They were using Arco as a staging point for research at the Craters of the Moon National Monument. This is part of the effort to travel to Mars and they use the terrain at Craters to simulate the real thing.

Arco’s main claim to fame is that it was the first town powered by atomic power.

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High school classes since 1920 have put their year on the rock wall at the edge of town.

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Several businesses use the atomic motif. We did not partake.

East of town is the Idaho National Laboratory, nearly 200 square miles of scrub and desert where the main topics of research are nuclear power and cyber-security. There are 9,000 employees there, yet I had never heard of it. On the grounds of the INL is a museum dedicated to the first atomic reactor to generate power for a peaceful purpose. We stopped and took a one hour tour. It was full of history and science co-mingled. I loved it.

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The control room. Nothing digital here.

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About to press the SCRAM button. The next picture tells you about it.

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The spent fuel rods section.

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This may be the coolest photo I have ever taken. The station in the museum dealing with spent nuclear fuel has a case where spent rods and materials could be handled by remote arms. To shield the operator, the walls were over a foot thick and the class was over 30 sheets of lead glass. As a result, light from the interior is dimmed. But when a light is shone from the outside, each layer reflects a bit of the beam. The photo shows a dot for each layer.

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Barn Swallow with a nest nearby.

And, the best part, the Museum and the INL is in the path of totality. Duration is 1 minute 14 seconds at the museum.

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Central Idaho

The Lost River Valley

What’s there to do in Central Idaho? Well, when it comes to the eclipse path, central Idaho is a happening place. This map will show you the loop we drove checking out the region.

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We left our campsite in Arco and headed northwest on route 93, headed for Challis, ID. This area is known as the Lost River region. There is a long, wide valley with farmland and mountains galore. The king of transportation here is the 4 wheel ATV. Trails are everywhere along with people using them. This entire stretch of highway is in the path of the eclipse.

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Between Moore and Mackay we stopped at the Moose Crossing RV Park and spoke with the owner. The park is already taken reservations for the eclipse but still has room. They mentioned a Japanese gentleman coming and taking pictures of the area with a view to possibly reserving the entire campground.

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Further up the road in Mackay, we stopped at a Farmer’s Market where I spoke to a gentleman running for County Commissioner. He was interested in the information I had about estimated crowds for eclipse day in other locations and the implications it had for his community.

In Challis, one motel was already fully booked by a group from Japan (I’m unsure if it is the same group as looked at Moose Crossing RV Park).

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FYI, this motel is fully booked for the eclipse.

Another motel has taken reservations but was not fully booked.

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Sights along the Lost River Valley.

The Sawtooth Mountains and Salmon River

From Challis we headed southwest on route 75 toward Stanley and Sun Valley. This is the region of the Sawtooth Mountains and the Salmon River. Beautiful country. It is both rugged and remote.

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The Sawtooth River Valley.

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Hot water coming right out of the hillside running down to the cold Salmon River results in informal spas made by locals so they can enjoy relaxing in the warm water.

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This is the museum at Stanley. The town is delightful and is on the center line of the eclipse but is fully booked for that date, August 21, 2017.

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The Sawtooth Mountains from Stanley.

The Salmon River has areas known as dispersed camping up and down its length. It provides minimal resources but is an option many will consider. I suspect that thousands of people will try to enter the area to experience the eclipse in a very special setting. Unfortunately, the roads are narrow and winding and the area is poorly prepared to handle extra people. Please do your research when planning to view the eclipse. You are planning to see it, right?

We got back to our campsite and called it a day. Next post is about Arco and the surrounding area.