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Oregon – Away From The Coast

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We spent two nights at the Silver Spur RV Park in Silverton, Oregon. This was a very nice park and one that we would come back to for a vacation. After leaving there, I stopped and spoke with people about the eclipse in Sisters, Redmond, Madras, and John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, all places within the path of the eclipse.

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In Sisters, many rooms have been reserved already, although not all. They are on the edge of the path so they don’t think that they will have much problem with crowds. I have news for them. I think they will have a huge problem with crowds and traffic. One of the main concerns they did express concerns fires. Late August is usually a high fire hazard time and a blaze in the eclipse path could have a dramatic impact on the eclipse and viewing the eclipse. Another concern is for hikers. The town is very busy anyway, in late August, and adding more hikers and others will likely put an even greater load on first responders, in cases of emergency.

In Redmond, the attitude of the Chamber of Commerce, on this day, was almost lackadaisical. They know the eclipse is coming but think they will not be subject to the same stress as the next community. Again, I think they are mistaken.

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Madras is the center of this particular storm, the bulls-eye of the target, the one taking the brunt of the load. In a buy cheap generic accutane I mentioned that I heard from the Newport, OR Chamber of Commerce that Madras was not seeking any more publicity for the solar eclipse. Today I verified that that is true. Check the video for my reaction immediately after speaking with them. The infrastructure of the hospitality industry there will be severely tested during this eclipse.

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John Day Fossil Beds National Monument does not allow camping of any kind in the monument land. There are some campgrounds surrounding the area, but it is, to say the least, a remote area. Traveling there during the eclipse will likely be difficult, especially if the expected numbers of people materializes. Their biggest concern expressed was for managing the crowds of people that will be there. I was a little taken aback when they said they were expecting 65,000 people for eclipse day. They do not have the manpower to deal with that many people. They are going to ask for extra rangers, police, and any help they can get.

I’ve said it before, this eclipse will be big. Many people are taking that fact to heart but others are only now learning of the eclipse. In any event, you now know how big it will be. Please make your plans and reservations soon to go see the eclipse. And take a kid with you.

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NOTE: During the next 5 weeks or so, I will be traveling the entire path of totality across America, west to east, highlighting places and venues where the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse (TSE) can be viewed. I wanted to give you a sense of the variety of locations where  it could be experienced. This is not comprehensive, but will give a feel for the varied nature of the terrain and places of this eclipse.

A gentleman motioned for me to stop my car and roll down the window. He then pointed down the street and said, “Go down to the corner and turn right. It starts there.” That’s how I got the title of this post. Now the back story.

We drove north along the Pacific Coast out of Newport knowing the general area we were looking for: landfall of the center line of the TSE. I even new the name of the feature I was after, Fishing Rock. Turning off highway 101, I made a couple tentative turns onto narrow streets, clearly looking for something. A gentleman was working in his yard near the street. He noticed my car and motioned as earlier indicated. What would prompt a person to do this to a perfect stranger? Why, my vanity plate.

After pointing the way for us, we talked a while and found out that he had heard about the TSE a while ago. He mentioned that a city councilman, who he would not name, told him the area was looking for 500,000 visitors to come for the eclipse. That is amazing! Of course, it is also a guess. But we do know that motels and RV parks have been getting calls from people trying to make reservations for eclipse weekend. In fact, at the RV park where we are staying, the man who took my reservation knew about the eclipse only because people have called trying to make reservations for the weekend of the eclipse (August 21, 2017 is a Monday.) Most of these phone calls have had no effect, since typical reservation systems only go a year out, some only 8 months, so they have to call back and hope not too many others have the same idea.

Some other things we know are, if you want to see the TSE of 8/21/2017 from land, you have to be in the United States of America. The path begins in the north Pacific Ocean and heads to the west coast, specifically, the state of Oregon. By the time it arrives there, it is a 65 mile wide path stretching from just south of Waldport to a little north of Pacific City. Everyone between these ends will experience the eclipse although the duration of totality varies between these locations from as little as a few seconds at the north and south ends, to 1 minute 58 seconds near Fishing Rock.

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In order to see the eclipse you must be between the blue lines. Close to the red is better.

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The center line is here!

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On the path out to Fishing Rock.

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Come follow me.

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Almost there.

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Fishing Rock. Can’t get there without swimming.

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Panorama from the point by Fishing Rock. This is where the center line of the eclipse starts its journey across the USA.



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After I wrote, what is now, the first part of this post, I received an invitation to see the DCT (Discovery Channel Telescope) located in the vicinity of Happy Jack, Arizona. It was built by the Lowell Observatory and the Discovery Channel. Once I realized what this telescope was, I jumped at the invitation. My wife and I were met at the Lowell Observatory and driven to the dark sky site.

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I must admit that the 4.3 meter telescope is the largest that I have seen close up. And when I say close up, I mean that I was close enough to reach out and touch the primary mirror. There were just four of us on this tour. I am going to let the photos do most of the talking in this post. This was, for me, a once in a lifetime accutane online bodybuilding

Part of the circuitry and power that controls the telescope, dome and control center.

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This is the primary 4.3 meter primary mirror. Wow!

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The big screen is used to project calibration images they take with the CCD camera.

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The little yellow things are activators that control the shape of the mirror to account for various forces that act to deform its shape.

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See the feet and legs behind the telescope for some scale.

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This is me doing what is every observatory director’s nightmare – clowning around with their equipment. Don’t try this at home.

Many thanks to people involved in this visit. I wish the telescope a long and productive life.




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Let’s Go Clubbing

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Now that I have your attention…The Grand Canyon Star Party is an excellent example of what can be done with/by a club, a group of individuals with at least one common interest. There was a time when clubs abounded in America, but not so much anymore. The reasons are many, but I digress. Astronomy clubs are alive and active in almost every large and medium sized city in the USA. The common interest is the sky, specifically, the night sky. Now why would that be a topic of interest for so many? There are many reasons but I would like to focus on one: perspective.

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Frankly, there only a handful of night sky objects that are visually impressive, in and of themselves. The planet Saturn with its beautiful ring system is, perhaps, the highest on most people’s list of those impressive objects. So, if not visually impressive, what makes these objects so interesting? The facts behind them. For instance, when we look at planets and combine that with the fact that they are millions of miles away from us, that is impressive!. I find it hard to fully comprehend a million anything, let alone miles. And when we look at stars, clusters and galaxies, we talk about distances a million times or more greater than the planets. To be able to look through a telescope eyepiece and realize that you are looking at a collection of stars that is 10,000 light years away (a light year being 6 and a quarter trillion miles) is truly a mind blowing experience.

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Many club members develop such an interest in the common topic, that they want to share it with others, encouraging them to join, if interested. Astronomy clubs are no different. Many clubs that I know of are involved in outreach. The fact is, that astronomy, the heavens, and deep space, interests a lot of people and club members like to nurture that interest. My own club in Florida has monthly Sidewalk Astronomy events where members bring telescopes to a site accessible to the general public, set them up and invite people to take a look at these deep sky wonders, many of which can only be seen through a telescope. Many towns and cities have so many lights that you can see only a few stars with the naked eye. These sidewalk events make the sky more accessible.

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Many National Parks have dark skies, Grand Canyon among them. For the past 26 years the park has sponsored a week long Star Party to make the night time sky accessible to park visitors. This week Astronomy club members are volunteering their telescopes and time to let people get a view of the heavens that they could otherwise see only in pictures. Having those pictures available is a good thing and I regularly look at them. But there is something about looking through a telescope and realizing these things are not just images, but actual objects in the sky. One of the perks of volunteering my telescope is the joy and excitement of hearing the visitors express their surprise and amazement at seeing something for the first time. Hearing those cheerful sounds is like feeding a fire inside me. I want to share it more.

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So I want to salute the many Astronomy Clubs nation and worldwide that encourage understanding of the heavens and to the National Parks who have recognized that “half the park is after dark” and support those efforts to inform the public about our amazing universe.

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On our trip to the Grand Canyon, the first leg of our Eclipse Promotional Tour, we spent two nights at Flagstaff. I visited Lowell Observatory during the day and then again in the evening.

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First and foremost, I was impressed with the quality of the staff there. During the day I interacted with the front desk receptionist and a telescope operator leading the tour I took. At night I met and had exchanges with several docents and volunteers, as well as other visitors. For me it was a bit different being on the visitor side of things. But then again, I had no responsibility for the event.

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The grounds, the staff and the equipment were all top notch. It is a research institute, although a small one. It has a great history, being founded in the 1890s by Percival Lowell. (I must admit that the commonality of name gives me a great affinity for the place to begin with.) The highlight of the daytime tour was the 40 minutes we spent in the original dome with the Clark 24″ refractor telescope. We had visited last year, but the telescope was being refurbished and not available for guests. This year it was fully restored to its original shine, if not color. (In the restoration they had to remove 600 pounds of lead based paint.)  The lens was cleaned and polished and the gear box on the mount was taken apart, cleaned, restored, replaced where needed, and reassembled to operate more smoothly than it had for decades. This telescope was retired from research in the 1980s and is now dedicated to outreach and education, a noble endeavor.

Since the observatory was established before the automobile, all the materials had to be hauled in by horse train. The dome itself was created from local pine trees and has a lovely structure and patina. The dome rotates on automobile tires, which, while not original, have been in use nearly 70 years. The tour guide commented that this is the only observatory that has to change a flat tire.

In the evening, there were at least 6 telescopes available for visitors to look through. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. If I were a young person interested in astronomy, this is a great job to get into the field.

I have seen three Clark refractors but this was the first one I got to look through. Very nice. I highly recommend a visit to this observatory if your are ever in or near Flagstaff, Arizona. If time permits, go both during the day and return for evening viewing.

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The initial report of this venture is this: three nights: one each in Alabama, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. This, the third night, is the prettiest location so far, so I will include a shot of our campsite. We missed the severe storms that hit the area a day or two ago. Pretty uneventful trip thus far, and that’s a good thing. The worst thing has been the poor quality of some of the roads in Mississippi, Louisiana and east Texas. Some would not be so bad for just a car, but towing a trailer makes for a jerky experience on some of them. Headed west in the morning.

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Actually that is “Speaking IN Chicago.” This is a reminder that this Friday, March 11, 2017, I will be speaking to the Chicago Astronomical Society about the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse in America. They meet at the Adler Planetarium on Lake Michigan lakeshore. The meeting starts at 7 PM and is open to the public.

If you are in the greater Chicago area, come see me and bring a friend.

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buy accutane in malaysia, according to Science News magazine and the website was the arrival and flyby of Pluto by New Horizons.It made for riveting story telling this past summer. But there were plenty of other interesting stories ofbuy accutane in thailand andbuy accutane in mexicoThese are exciting times in astronomy.