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Total Solar Eclipses are special. Just how special are they? Well, let’s take a lesson from the Greeks. The ancient Greeks. One in particular, Herodotus. He lived a long time ago, about 484-425 BC. In his only known work, The Histories, Herdotus records that Thales of Miletus predicted a solar eclipse to occur over the region of the Aegean Sea, and what are now Greece and Turkey. There are many questions surrounding this record. Questions likely unanswered for the foreseeable future. In any event, The Lydians and Medes were engaged in a war where neither side could gain much advantage. This went on, sporadically for five years. During the sixth year, the fighting renewed with a battle on the Halys River. Herodotus records the battle beginning, when suddenly the day was turned into night. He wrote, “The Medes and Lydians, when they observed the change, ceased fighting and were anxious to have terms of peace agreed on.” They stopped their war and went home after “The Battle of the Eclipse.” That had to be some spectacular sight for battle-hardened warriors to plead for peace.

It may not stop any battles you are a part of, but, regardless, you need to go see this eclipse. It is that spectacular. order accutane online canada

order accutane ukImage is taken from Astronomy For Amateurs, Camille Flammarion, 1904.

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I have said that I can and will talk to anyone about this eclipse. So here goes the first round. I have a three city speaking tour: Atlanta, Birmingham and St. Louis. There I will be speaking to some private groups but in each place there is one meeting open to the public. Here are the names of the groups, the date, time and location of the meetings that are open to the public. You are invited and encouraged to come hear me. If you don’t live in these cities but know someone who does, please let them know. Everyone needs to know about this eclipse.

The Atlanta Astronomical Society,
Saturday, September 12, 3 PM at the
Fernbank Science Center
156 Heaton Park Dr
Atlanta, GA 30307

The Birmingham Astronomical Society,
Tuesday, September 15, 7 PM at the
Christeberry Planetarium
Sanford University

St. Louis Astronomical Society
Friday, September 18 at 7:30 PM at
Washington University
McDonnell Hall

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Today, August 24, 2015, the Weather Channel gave its first of, what I hope are many, notices about the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017. Since the only land that the path of totality of this eclipse falls is in the United States (a very unusual circumstance), some have called this the Great American Eclipse. This is what my book, Go See The Eclipse And Take A Kid With You, is all about. I’m telling you, this will be big.

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Photo – Thomas Smillie, Smithsonian Institution official photographer from 1870 until his death in 1917


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It is hard to imagine just how big this event will be in America, but believe me when I say, you need to plan ahead for this eclipse. Mark your calendar and start making plans. Astronomy clubs and tour companies are already reserving prime spots along the path.

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We knew it would show us more about the dwarf planet, but it still amazing to see the things we are learning about Pluto from the New Horizons satellite. This image was take 7 hours after closest encounter with the camera aimed at Pluto backlit by the sun. In hi-res images, it shows 2 distinct layers of atmosphere on the dwarf planet. can you buy accutane in mexico