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I am pleased to announce that in June and July 2016 my wife and I will be traveling across the USA. A major portion of the trip will be following the path of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse on our return home. We will leave Florida the end of May. We should arrive at the south rim of the Grand Canyon on June 4 to participate in their annual Star Party. I will be taking my telescope and joining other amateur astronomers (mostly from Arizona) for a week of stargazing under the clear, dark skies of northern Arizona. I participated last year and every night there were at least 40 telescopes set up in the visitor center parking lot and over 1000 visitors had the opportunity to see planets, clusters, nebulas and more.  I will also be leading Constellation Tours for visitors. This year, on Wednesday, June 8, I have the special opportunity of giving a presentation at the Visitor Center about the eclipse. If you can come any of the nights of June 4-9, I would love to see you.

From there we go on to Ontario, CA for three days to participate at a home school convention. Then we drive up the coast to Oregon and gradually work our way, roughly, along the eclipse path, back to South Carolina and then home.

In the many talks I have given so far, once I have made clear how significant this event is in America and potentially in the life of a student, people get excited and begin to formulate plans to see it. This eclipse is going to be big. I estimate that, within a day-trip distance of the center line, 65 million people live. Many tour companies have reserved rooms in the path. While sixteen months seems a long way away, I know many people who have planned vacations (e.g. cruises, reunions) a year or more in advance. It’s time to give this some serious thought.

I am looking for opportunities to meet with people to discuss the eclipse. This includes speaking to private groups, civic groups, schools, churches, companies, astronomy or other clubs, and anyone else who will listen. If you would be willing to host a get together at your place (or other convenient location), please let me know. I will have copies of my book, Go See The Eclipse And Take A Kid With You, eclipse t-shirts and eclipse shades for sale. I would appreciate any contacts you may have with the media. I would also be open to taking on sponsors, keeping in mind that the goal of this trip and my book is to educate people about eclipses, in general, and the 2017 eclipse, in particular. This is about an 8000 mile trip and to keep expenses down, we will be camping.

During the trip, and especially once in the eclipse path, I will be posting information about the places we visit and people we talk to regarding their plans related to the eclipse. Many communities in the path have begun planning for the large crowds expected during the days around August 21, 2017. You can follow me at my website, or facebook page, go see the eclipse.

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The black line does not represent the actual route we will travel, merely the general direction after reaching southern California.

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This is a rendering of the path of the umbra (full shadow) of the moon during the portion of that crosses the USA on Monday, August 21, 2017. It is reasonably accurate and gives you a good idea of the towns in the path, the shape of the shadow and the duration of each town in the path. Visit for more information. This video compresses 90 minutes (the time for the moon’s shadow to cross the USA) to 5 minutes.
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One of my favorite astronomy websites is Astronomy Picture of the Day. Since 1996 this site has posted, each day, an astronomical/space related image along with a paragraph of description and hot links to further information. I used it in my astronomy class a LOT! The is it safe to buy accutane from canada) is of the TSE of March 9, 2016 in Indonesia and the central Pacific Ocean. It is a combination of ground based and satellite images joined with a lot of post-processing. No actual TSE will ever look like this, but it does give us an idea how far the corona actually extends from the sun. And bookmark the APOD site or download the app to get the images each day. (FYI, keep an eye out for the April 1 images.)

The next TSE anywhere on earth is the All American TSE of 8/21/17. Time to get ready!

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This is Chap Percival at a recent talk he gave to the Tampa astronomy club (M.A.R.S.) about the 2017 total solar eclipse.

Chap Percival is available to speak to your group. He will inspire, encourage, and enable you to get the most out of this once in a life time experience. He is engaging, funny, and will share from his experience of traveling to see five total solar eclipses on four continents. Be prepared to be amazed at the scale of the earth-moon-sun system and the grandeur of this event. The August 21, 2017 eclipse will be here before you know it. buy roche accutane online uk

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It’s time to get serious. August 21, 2017 is no longer a pipe dream a million years off in the future. 500 days may still seem a long time away, but it’s not. This is going to be BIG. Really! If you doubt me, Google these terms, “eclipse”, “2017”, “tours”. All of those hits mean people have already made reservations at key places on the path of totality. Many motels use a reservation system that cannot make reservations more than one year in advance. You may still have a chance with them. But regardless, you need to start planning. Get my book, best place to buy accutane online to find out why you should see this and tell your friends and family about it, too.  The book makes a great gift as well.

It has been so long since a total solar eclipse has been seen in the 48 states(1979), that most people don’t know what they will be missing. Check out the maps on this site to see where you can go and be in the path of the moon’s shadow that Monday. I have already received notes from people who have heeded my call to action and made reservations for that day. When you do, send me a note telling me of your plans. I love hearing from you.

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Have you ever wanted to look in the sky and know what you were looking at? Mercury is one of the most elusive and hard to find naked eye objects that there is in the sky. This Friday, April 8, is your best chance for a while. Here’s how you do it. It does have to be clear in the west.

1 – Find a place with  clear horizon to the west (a beach, a field, any open area.)

2 – Go out 30-45 minutes after sunset and face west.

3 – Look for the skinny crescent moon

4 – From the moon look about a hand width to the lower right. (Check the diagram, which is for the USA.

You have found Mercury! Now turn around and look high in the east. The bright object is Jupiter.

Moon and Mercury at dusk, April 8-10, 2016
Image from Sky and Telescope.

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This is the highest resolution image yet of an unusual bright region on the asteroid Ceres, which orbits the sun between Mars and Jupiter. The Occator Crater has distinctive bright spots that were detected as Dawn approached it. This images shed only a little light on these features, since astronomers still aren’t certain what produces them. But they are certainly cool to look at, especially at high resolution. More information is buy accutane cheap online

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On March 9, 2016 a total solar eclipse will be visible from parts of Indonesia and the central Pacific Ocean. I am NOT going to this one. It represents a good example of just how far you need to travel to see on the these. After this, the next TSE is the All American Eclipse of August 21, 2017. It’s not too early to start preparing.

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On Tuesday, April 23, all evening long, the full moon will grace the sky. Less than 2 degrees away will be a bright star. No doubt some of you and your friends will see it. They may wonder what is next to the moon. Because you read this, you can tell them it is not a star but the planet Jupiter. If you have a pair of binoculars, look at Jupiter and you will see up to 4 four moons (they look like points of light.)

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One interesting aspect of this is that this proximity of the moon to Jupiter happens every lunar cycle for the next seven months. The main difference between these apparitions is the phase of the moon. It starts in February as full and gradually diminishes until August 5 when it is a thin crescent. So this is both a short term and long term assignment. Look for the moon and Jupiter February 23 after sunset. Then check for the moon near Jupiter on any of these dates: March 21, April 17, May 14, June 11, July 5 and 6, and August 5. There is also an event in September I’ll tell more about later.

So get out there and look for the moon. And Jupiter.