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On our trip to the Grand Canyon, the first leg of our Eclipse Promotional Tour, we spent two nights at Flagstaff. I visited Lowell Observatory during the day and then again in the evening.

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First and foremost, I was impressed with the quality of the staff there. During the day I interacted with the front desk receptionist and a telescope operator leading the tour I took. At night I met and had exchanges with several docents and volunteers, as well as other visitors. For me it was a bit different being on the visitor side of things. But then again, I had no responsibility for the event.

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The grounds, the staff and the equipment were all top notch. It is a research institute, although a small one. It has a great history, being founded in the 1890s by Percival Lowell. (I must admit that the commonality of name gives me a great affinity for the place to begin with.) The highlight of the daytime tour was the 40 minutes we spent in the original dome with the Clark 24″ refractor telescope. We had visited last year, but the telescope was being refurbished and not available for guests. This year it was fully restored to its original shine, if not color. (In the restoration they had to remove 600 pounds of lead based paint.)  The lens was cleaned and polished and the gear box on the mount was taken apart, cleaned, restored, replaced where needed, and reassembled to operate more smoothly than it had for decades. This telescope was retired from research in the 1980s and is now dedicated to outreach and education, a noble endeavor.

Since the observatory was established before the automobile, all the materials had to be hauled in by horse train. The dome itself was created from local pine trees and has a lovely structure and patina. The dome rotates on automobile tires, which, while not original, have been in use nearly 70 years. The tour guide commented that this is the only observatory that has to change a flat tire.

In the evening, there were at least 6 telescopes available for visitors to look through. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. If I were a young person interested in astronomy, this is a great job to get into the field.

I have seen three Clark refractors but this was the first one I got to look through. Very nice. I highly recommend a visit to this observatory if your are ever in or near Flagstaff, Arizona. If time permits, go both during the day and return for evening viewing.

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The initial report of this venture is this: three nights: one each in Alabama, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. This, the third night, is the prettiest location so far, so I will include a shot of our campsite. We missed the severe storms that hit the area a day or two ago. Pretty uneventful trip thus far, and that’s a good thing. The worst thing has been the poor quality of some of the roads in Mississippi, Louisiana and east Texas. Some would not be so bad for just a car, but towing a trailer makes for a jerky experience on some of them. Headed west in the morning.

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Tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 28, 2016, my wife and I begin the most ambitious project we have every undertaken: a 9 week, 8,000 mile road trip across the USA. The primary purpose of this trip is to promote and educate people about the total solar eclipse coming to the USA August 21, 2017.

We begin by taking a week to drive to the Grand Canyon to participate in their annual Star Party. I, along with many other astronomy enthusiasts, volunteer our telescopes for the visiting public to look through. We did this last year and every night for a week there were at least 40 telescopes set up in the Visitor Center parking lot and a 1,000+ visitors looked through the scopes, many for the first time in their life.

We will then slowly work our way to northern California then Oregon, where we will begin our return leg, traveling the entire 2500 mile long path of the total solar eclipse back to South Carolina, then finally home.

The camper is prepped and we are packed to the gills. Please follow along as I document this adventure: the good and perhaps, the bad and the ugly.

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And if you see us along the way, honk, wave, or stop and say hello. (We will be driving more slowly than most folks, so if you are on our road, this will likely be your view of us.)


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In most years there are 12 full moons, one per month. However, since the length of time between full moons is about 29.5 days (shorter than the average month), some years have 13 full moons. In fact, in every 19 years there are 7 years that have 13 full moons. That extra moon is called a “blue” moon. The rarity of that extra moon in a year has given rise to the colloquial meaning, as in “once in a blue moon.”

Today we don’t pay too much attention to the phases of the moon, but in the 19th century, it was something most everyone was aware of. In fact, every full moon had a name like harvest moon, hunter’s moon, etc. The Maine Farmer’s Almanac (one of many almanacs published back then) called the 13th (extra) full moon a blue moon. By looking at 100 years of that publication, we have determined that they meant to go by seasons. Most seasons have 3 full moons. But when a season had 4, the 3rd full moon in that season was called a blue moon. It is not the second full moon in a month. That explanation was caused by a 1947 article in Sky & Telescope magazine. It has since been retracted.

This report by the Weather Channel gets it right. And Mars will be worth looking at as well. Nice job.

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Today, May 14, 2016 is Astronomy Day. This is celebrated twice each year, once in the fall and once in the spring. Many astronomy clubs hold events to help people engage with the sky. Check with your local club. The Sarasota/Bradenton Local Group of Deep Sky Observers will set up telescopes at Riverview High School in Sarasota from 8:00-10:00 PM.where can i buy accutane online
Telescopes set up at the Grand Canyon National Park. Micheal Quinn/National Park Services

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Today the planet Mercury, smallest of the planets, passes exactly between the Sun and the Earth. We don’t call it an eclipse because the sun is not completely covered by Mercury. In fact, Mercury looks like a small dot on the sun. There are sunspots also on the sun and they look fainter and not as sharp and round as Mercury. This image was taken at 10:18 EDT and shows a nice grouping of Mercury and sunspots on the sun. can u buy accutane over the counter

Here are the final minutes of today’s transit as Mercury approaches the limb (edge) of the sun and slides off. The wind had picked up so images are a little blurry.

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You may know that the sun, moon, and the planets move eastward against the background stars. The moon averages about 13 degrees of motion per day, the sun about 1 degree while the planets vary considerably because some are close to the sun and some are far away. The next month gives you a rare opportunity to see the other kind of motion – retrograde (westward). Mars is directly opposite the sun (180 degrees away) on May 22. So during May (and into June) Mars goes backwards from it usual motion. Now, all the planets do this, so why is this one so special. Well, Mars is currently located in the constellation Scorpius, which has several bright stars, including a first magnitude star, Antares. These stars provide a ‘fixed’ background to compare the motion of Mars. This is augmented by the fact that there is a second planet in Scorpius, Saturn. Currently Mars is the brightest of all the objects there. This is also a favorable opposition of Mars and it will reach magnitude -2.0 on May 22!
Mars is closer to us than Saturn, so it will appear to move more in the same amount of time. Retrograde motion was one of the hardest phenomena for the ancients to explain. An earth centered view of the universe proved an unworkable platform for this and ultimately lead Copernicus to publish De Revolutionibus and present his sun centered model, which moved in the right direction but had to be improved upon.

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I am pleased to announce that in June and July 2016 my wife and I will be traveling across the USA. A major portion of the trip will be following the path of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse on our return home. We will leave Florida the end of May. We should arrive at the south rim of the Grand Canyon on June 4 to participate in their annual Star Party. I will be taking my telescope and joining other amateur astronomers (mostly from Arizona) for a week of stargazing under the clear, dark skies of northern Arizona. I participated last year and every night there were at least 40 telescopes set up in the visitor center parking lot and over 1000 visitors had the opportunity to see planets, clusters, nebulas and more.  I will also be leading Constellation Tours for visitors. This year, on Wednesday, June 8, I have the special opportunity of giving a presentation at the Visitor Center about the eclipse. If you can come any of the nights of June 4-9, I would love to see you.

From there we go on to Ontario, CA for three days to participate at a home school convention. Then we drive up the coast to Oregon and gradually work our way, roughly, along the eclipse path, back to South Carolina and then home.

In the many talks I have given so far, once I have made clear how significant this event is in America and potentially in the life of a student, people get excited and begin to formulate plans to see it. This eclipse is going to be big. I estimate that, within a day-trip distance of the center line, 65 million people live. Many tour companies have reserved rooms in the path. While sixteen months seems a long way away, I know many people who have planned vacations (e.g. cruises, reunions) a year or more in advance. It’s time to give this some serious thought.

I am looking for opportunities to meet with people to discuss the eclipse. This includes speaking to private groups, civic groups, schools, churches, companies, astronomy or other clubs, and anyone else who will listen. If you would be willing to host a get together at your place (or other convenient location), please let me know. I will have copies of my book, Go See The Eclipse And Take A Kid With You, eclipse t-shirts and eclipse shades for sale. I would appreciate any contacts you may have with the media. I would also be open to taking on sponsors, keeping in mind that the goal of this trip and my book is to educate people about eclipses, in general, and the 2017 eclipse, in particular. This is about an 8000 mile trip and to keep expenses down, we will be camping.

During the trip, and especially once in the eclipse path, I will be posting information about the places we visit and people we talk to regarding their plans related to the eclipse. Many communities in the path have begun planning for the large crowds expected during the days around August 21, 2017. You can follow me at my website, goseetheeclipse.com or facebook page, go see the eclipse.

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The black line does not represent the actual route we will travel, merely the general direction after reaching southern California.

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This is a rendering of the path of the umbra (full shadow) of the moon during the portion of that crosses the USA on Monday, August 21, 2017. It is reasonably accurate and gives you a good idea of the towns in the path, the shape of the shadow and the duration of each town in the path. Visit eclipse2017.org for more information. This video compresses 90 minutes (the time for the moon’s shadow to cross the USA) to 5 minutes.
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