The downloads are in three sections: pinhole projection templates, reproducible puzzles and everything else.

The pinhole projection templates are NOT important to viewing the eclipse itself, but are rather designed to help create a memory. They should be used during the partial phases of the eclipse. How do they work? Well, pick whichever of these images you want. Download and print that image on a piece of heavy paper/card stock. Use a pin to make a hole in each of the white dots of the letters. Then, to test this, stand with your back to the sun. Hold the paper with the hole-punched letters so that the sunlight passing through the holes lands on a flat surface (table or ground, perhaps.) You should see one little circle of light for each of the holes you punched. During the eclipse those holes will project the shape of the sun, such as crescents in this image:

Makes for a neat memento.

Here are the various versions you can download:

The general USA template looks like this.


State versions are similar but with the name of the state:

Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wyoming


Word Search and other Puzzles and Solutions
Idaho and Wyoming Word Search
Illinois and Kentucky
South Carolina

Word Search Solutions
Idaho Solution
Illinois Solution
Missouri Solution
Nebraska Solution
Oregon Solution
South Carolina Solution
Tennessee Solution

Other Stuff to Download
Moon map for 3″ globe
On┬ámy printer this map prints to fit a 3″ globe. You may have to adjust the size for your printer in order to get a proper fit.

Computer wallpaper:
Diamond Ring 1920 X 1080 jpeg