Neat Eclipse Day Activity

Neat Eclipse Day Activity

Even if you have eclipse glasses, here is an activity that will make memories for you and those with you during the eclipse. This works for the partial phases.

Get a sheet of cardboard and write a message in big letters. Take a pin and poke holes along the letters. You can test this out ahead of eclipse day. Go outside, if the sun is shining. Take the cardboard and a white sheet. Lay the white sheet on the ground. Hold the lettered cardboard up and let the sun shine through the holes onto the sheet on the ground. Each hole will project the image of the sun. Today, this is round but during the eclipse, it will be crescent shaped. Have kids write their names and poke holes. You can use anything with holes to do this as well, like a colander. There are downloadable eclipse messages like below on my website, and the download tab. I also have them with the state names.

The clarity of the projected image will change if you hold the image further from the sheet or if you make the hole larger. Experiment and see what you come up with.

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