My Article Was Published

My Article Was Published

I wrote an article for a journal you probably have not heard of, The Classroom Astronomer, and it has just been published! The article details my journey in writing an ebook about the total solar eclipse of 2017, including information that others might find useful if they are considering writing a book. Here’s the cover.

TCA23You must subscribe to it to read my article. Here is a quote from it:

“I had already decided to self-publish, mostly because it was cheaper and quicker than going through a traditional publisher.  The most common, if not the most lucrative, route to self-publishing was as an eBook and by (a new term to me) POD, print on demand.  POD means that there is no press run with inventory of my book kept in a warehouse somewhere.  It is just a computer file until someone orders a copy.  Then one copy is printed and shipped to them. That meant I did not have to buy a thousand, five hundred or even ten copies of the book.  People could order a single copy and it would be printed just for them.  The technology has changed so much in the past ten years.  It is a great day for new authors.”

Percival, C. Promoting an Eclipse with an Ebook, The Classroom Astronomer, Summer 2015(23), 9-11.

Here are links to my book and ebook   .


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